Book Club Discount


Worldwide book clubs. Ronald James here with a special deal  for you; I’m offering a 20% discount, plus free shipping, and inscribed  and signed books when you order 10 or more books of any title shown on  this website.

This is how it works: Pick one or more titles, order 10 or more books of  any title, fill in the first name of each club member and club name.  Pay for total cost by credit card or PayPal and I will inscribe each  book and sign them, then send them to you by USPS standard free shipping  if you live in the continental USA. I also pay the Sales Tax.

Hawaii, Alaska, and all other countries it will be C.O.D. Overnight will be C.O.D.

Depending on my present inventory of books it will take from two weeks  to over a month before the books arrive. Therefore plan accordingly.

Price List

Purchase any of these books through PayPal