Harrington Manor

About the Book


A murderer stalks the orange groves of 1923 Southern California.

Detective Sidney Snipes is called to the Harrington Manor when  retired Colonel Peter Wescott Harrington is found slumped over his desk  by his family.

Snipes entrusts the sensational new crime fighting technology - Fingerprint Analysis to find a fierce fiend.

Just when he thinks he has the murderer cornered, an unsolved missing  person cold case rumples his proficient sleuthing skills. Then another  Harrington turns up dead, and a sinister child’s Jack-in-the-box seems  to have come from the grim reaper himself.

The case leads Snipes in a direction he never saw coming. 

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Excerpt from the Book

Once  upon a time, in a land destined to become synonymous with fantasy. Mrs.  Gwendolyn Beazly shoved away from her kitchen table, leaving her  breakfast uneaten. 

Her  next-door neighbor, Ruth Rutledge, watched with widened eyes. Maybe,  she thought, she shouldn't have told Gwendolyn about the unfortunate  mailman, then she noticed the euphoria in the other woman's face, and  was sure of it.

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